GG Alcock, Minanawe Marketing

Author and Entrepreneur 


Born white in apartheid South Africa but raised & bred as a Zulu man, GG was raised in a mud hut in one of the most poverty-stricken and violent parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Msinga. 

GG’s activist parents raised their two sons in a hut with no running water, electricity or modern conveniences, instead growing up like young Zulu’ boys herding and hunting. GG has been at times a shebeen owner, political activist, community worker, African adventurer, entrepreneur and founder one of the top activation’s businesses in SA Minanawe Marketing, recently sold to French Multinational Publicis.

GG’s latest book KasiNomic Revolution explores the revolution taking place in the great marketplaces of the informal sector. The informal business sector is the next great frontier of Africa and it is undergoing an economic revolution – a new world of small people doing big things, transforming the continent.

GG’s memoir, Third World Child, White Born, Zulu Bred tells his story growing up as a Zulu – a literary journey of a third world tribal society learning to embrace the 20th-century first world.

GG’s second book, Kasinomics attempts to cast a light on the invisible matrix at the heart of South Africa’s informal economies and the people who live in them.

GG’s current business offering includes unique consumer insights, marketing strategies, a route to market solutions and creative concepts in the mass informal and kasi markets of Southern Africa.

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