The seventh FNB Franchising Leadership Summit was held on 13 November, and the high calibre of presentations and full attendance showed why it remains the highlight of the franchising calendar.

Rosy Ndlovu
Given the amount of money spent each year on corporate social investment (CSI), there is potentially a vast space for social franchising in South Africa, says Dr Rosy Ndhlovu, CEO of Innovo Healthcare.

Innovo Healthcare is a primary healthcare company founded five years ago. Ndhlovu believes that most innovations are not inventions necessarily, but a re-imagining of how technology can be put together in a way that creates much value and disrupts the status quo. 

Richard Mulholland
Do you fear the 4th Industry Revolution? Does Generation Z sound more alien than human to you? If so, all that’s happened is you’ve become ‘owned’ by marketers, because these aren’t real ‘things’ says Richard Mullholland, founder of Missing Link. He is a business author, social entrepreneur and renowned global speaker.

Speaking at the FNB Franchise Leadership Summit on 13 November, Mulholland said: “Maybe technology isn’t the [disruptive] risk that we think it will be. I believe we have been sold a line on this concept of the 4th Industrial Revolution because people love hearing buzzword concepts – and I wish to give you a counter-point.

Dion Chang
Speaking at the FNB Franchise Leadership Summit on 13 November, Dion Chang said given that almost every industry is going to experience disruption, they should be asking themselves: do they have the necessary skills set?  

Dion Chang is one of South Africa’s most respected trend analysts and takes the view of ‘trends as business strategy’. An innovator, creative thinker, a walking ideas bank and professional cage rattler, he is head of trends analysis company Flux Trends which specialises in understanding the consumer mindset and identifying unexpected business opportunities within shifting trends.

Andy Higgins
The current and conventional wisdom is that online is going to take over and replace High Street retail, with for instance being responsible for Sears and others filing for bankruptcy. This year it is estimated there will be R14-billion spent online in South Africa, out of a total retail spend of R1-trillion, or 1.4%. This compares to about 10% in the US, and 20% in the UK, while China’s Alibaba sold in 85 seconds one November Sunday the equivalent of all South Africa’s online total for a year.  

Sarah Britten
Social media was initially established to be ‘social’ and to reflect that fact people wanted to form online communities without being advertised to. Given its evolution to a primary marketing tool, is there still a role for franchises to use this medium to get their commercial message out?

At the FNB Franchise Leadership Summit on 13 November, Sarah Britten answered this question. She is a shopper strategist and social media expert, and says there is a role, but the message “has to be interesting and useful to people” – not just a bald sales pitch. People are interested in staff stories, for instance, “because people want to support small, local businesses that do great things for their community”.

One anecdote that came from the FNB Franchise Leadership Summit, was that one franchisee noted that during October, he had his first day ever of no money through the till. This came on the same day that the head tenant, Checkers, recorded the worst trading day in its history at that location.

The theme of a panel discussion held at the FNB Franchising Leadership Summit on 13 November, was: how can we help franchisees to pull through this difficult economic environment in 2019?

Moderator of the panel was Eric Parker, a franchising consultant with Franchising Plus; together with Ronel Fester, senior head, fuel and automotive at FNB Franchise business unit; Stephen Walters, retail consultant and co-founder of Fernridge Solutions; Tony da Fonseca, MD of OBC Chicken and chairman of the Franchise Association of South Africa; and Malesela Maupa, head of Insurer Relationships at FNB Insurance Brokers.

Mike Vacy-Lyle

Opening address by Michael Vacy-Lyle, CEO FNB Business

The franchising sector has shown steady growth over the past 4 years, in a tough economy – from contributing an estimated 9.7% to the country’s GDP in 2014 to its recent figure of more than 15%, according to the Franchising Association South Africa (“FASA”) 2018 survey. And this trend is expected
to continue.

Dr. Rosy Ndlovu

By Dr. Rosy Ndlholu

Our vision at Innovo is to build a responsive decentralised ecosystem that is able to deliver on the national intention of equitable access to quality healthcare under NHI and we believe that a key component of this ecosystem is a mobile platform. 

South Africa’s vast distances and its large rural populations demands that solving its access to healthcare problem, using only traditional built clinics staffed with doctors and nurses would be prohibitively expensive and require decades to accomplish.

Dr. Sarah Britten
By Dr. Sarah Britten